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Kachra Mahotsava

DPSG Meerut road won the award for art installation in kachra Mahotsav .... conceptualized and created by -- Ms. Sangeeta Mukherjee Roy, Ms. Ranjana Verma, Ms. Sargam Sharma, Ms. Mehak Malik, Mr. Sanjay Sarkar, Ms. Supriya Sharma...



What makes someone special is not only the skill, intelligence, hardwork, and luck but brutal relentless passion (or madness) to follow one’s dream in the face of all adversities. The study of most successful people in the world tell us just one factor which is common amongst all of them- they never had it easy and toiled hard to achieve where they are.

Similar is the story of Ankit Tewari, a student of class XII at Delhi Public School Ghaziabad, Meerut Road  an ordinary  boy from a middle class family, until he fully utilized his energy to follow his dream to become “ The Youngest Film Director In India”

With no connections in media, TV or Bollywood, at the age of 15 years, he decided to make a movie of 1 hour. He received  resistance and criticism from the family who continuously asked him to concentrate on his studies, to which he assured them that he will not compromise with his studies (the truth is he never cared about his studies, not even now, because nothing can come between him and his dream while making the movie. Thus, started the process of making- “THE CHASE BEGINS”, an action-romantic-drama feature film, which was released on YouTube in Nov.2015. While the plot of the movie was loosely visualized by him, he discussed it with his family to complete it and at some level, convinced them (mainly his mom, mama and nani) to act in it. It was  sponsored by his family, including the equipments, recording of songs, dubbing and editing. Once it was completed, he was interviewed by Aaj Tak, Navbharat Times, DNA India and Dainik Jagran. After tasting success, he launched his own YouTube channel – “Ankit Tewari Films” . Then he also danced to Shah Rukh Khan’s Bollywood numbers- Jabra Fan RELOADED and Love Mera Hit Hit, and uploaded them on YouTube.

Continuing to pursue his  dream , he decided to make his next movie on a much larger scale, technology & theme. Thus he started working on his dream project- ‘Ishq Shuda’ that consists of a huge cast. The film has been shot across Delhi NCR & Mussorie. The plot of the movie revolves around the dilemma of teenagers choosing their country over their love. It is likely to be released in theatres soon. He is probably the only teenager in the world to have achieved this feat and should hopefully go all the way to become “The Prince Of Bollywood” in years to come.


It is a matter of great pride that out of around 1000 schools ranked across the country, Delhi Public School Ghaziabad has once again been ranked No.1 in India in Academic Reputation . Needless to say that it has been ranked as the number one school in Ghaziabad by the Education World magazine, for the Sixth Consecutive year . DPSG has worked concertedly towards making its mark on the educational map and such rankings go a long way in strengthening the educational edifice of the school. What makes the achievement laudable is that the school has clinched the spot by meeting the carefully set and comprehensive survey parameters of assessment of all domains of pedagogy. The strong conglomerate of the students, teachers, parents and the school management has made this achievement possible and DPSG is ready to venture and explore the uncharted territories and achieve many a more milestones.


                     DPSG emerges as  a transformational leader in Education       

 It is a matter of immense pride that DPSG, Meerut Road is selected as Microsoft Show Case School for the fourth Consecutive Year. Ms Jyoti Gupta, Principal and 11 teachers have been chosen as  Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators for the year 2017-18 after the 250 plus staff members  became  Certified Microsoft Innovative Educators.

'Technology has played the pivotal role in every aspect of creating 21st Century Learning Environment in the  school, be it Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Effective Communication or Global Citizenship', says Mrs. Jyoti Gupta.  Apart from the basic infrastructure for digital classrooms like smart boards, projectors, the school has adopted Office 365 in education en mass.  Various  Microsoft tools have enabled teachers to help students 24X7. The school is collaborating with parents and students through Edmodo, a productive  tool and  with other countries on projects based on UN’s Sustainable Development  Goals through Skype and other collaborative  tools like Flipgrid, Messanger and Padlet.  The  School firmly believes in the ethos of inclusion and the projects like Digital Citizenship,  Five Safe Fingers and  Climate Action  have included the participation of Poorv Madhyamic Vidhayala, Morta, the school for underprivileged  adopted by DPSG. 

` Be Prepared, Be Practical,  Be Passionate’…… is the motto of school leadership to drive the change with the Success mantra  being  'Desire and ability to unlearn, learn and  a drive to sustain the change'



Teachers’ Day was celebrated on September 5, 2017 at DPSG, Meerut Road by felicitating the teachers for their meritorious service to the institution. The event was graced by Mr. Om Pathak, Chairman DPSG Society, management members of the DPSG society; officials of Ghaziabad Administration and Principals of DPSG group of schools. The teachers were awarded gold and silver medals for their dedicated service and commitment in the presence of the parents of the school appointees. Ms Sarita Pandey and Ms Annamma Jacob were awarded a gold medal each for their 25 years of service whereas Ms Shoma Lahiri and Ms Kiran Sangwan were conferred with a silver medal each for serving the institution for more than 15 years. A scintillating cultural programme presented by the various schools of DPSG society enthralled the audience.


 Article in teacher magazine

Media Report- Award Ceremony

Heartiest Congratulations to Ms Jyoti Gupta, Principal DPSG, Meerut Road  on being  awarded  `CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION’ by The Australian Government, Department of Education and Training  and Asia Education Foundation for her active support of Australia- India School Engagement.

Ms Gupta has always promoted partnerships/exchanges with various international schools, institutes and universities and her efforts to be a part of the India Australia Bridge School Partnership project paid off when DPSG, Meerut Road was selected as one of the eight schools in India under the Australia India BRIDGE School Partnership Project. The Bridge program is a blended model of face-to-face teacher professional learning and online engagement which aims to connect not only the teachers but also the students and school communities with their counterparts in Australia to increase awareness and understanding of contemporary Australia and India. The program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training and will support eight Australian and eight Indian schools to establish a school partnership.


Udaan 2016-17

The valedictory ceremony of UDAAN, the premier project of HRD Ministry and CBSE  was held at  Delhi Public School Ghaziabad, Meerut Road.Shri Rajesh Kumar Chaturvedi, Chairman CBSE;ShriManoj Kumar Srivastava, Joint Secretary CBSE ART&I; Ms. Monika Kapoor, Joint Director, UDAAN;Neha Sharma, Deputy Director CBSE; Mr. Ajay Mishra, Deputy Secretary, CBSE;MrPramod Kumar T.K, Joint Director, CBSE;Praveen Tyagi, MD, IITian’s PACE and Mr. Om Pathak, Chairman and Founder, DPSG Society were the dignitaries who graced the occasion.

The Central Board of Secondary education has initiated UDAAN- A Project to give wings to girls ; selecting girls of class XI and XII students and felicitating them in preparing them for engineering entrance exams through the means of online portals, virtual weekend contact classes at chosen centers and 24/7 helpline and electronic devices.

Since its inception in 2014, the school has not only been   catering to the academic needs of the students but also ensuring the safety, security and the general wellbeing of the students.This year too, the school played host to 53 girls belonging to economically backward society from all over the country.The girls attended the intensive classes and availed the guidance and mentorship provided by the experts.

In her address, Principal MsJyoti Gupta reiterated her whole hearted commitment & support for empowering the girls. This philanthropic endeavour further strengthens the commitment of the school to give back to the society. Suggesting an innovative change,Mr.Pathak stated that the  CBSE curriculum should be  designed to  be in sync with the competitive examination.









Mix Media

I – Harsh Singh 




II – Meenal Garg




III – Harleen Kaur



Paper Patchwork Art

I – Somyaa Gupta

     Vidushi Saxena




II – Shubham Mohapatra

      Akansha Singh




III – Puneet Sharma

        Nikhilesh Taneja



Indian Traditional Art

I – Bhawna Chourasia




II – Deeksha Sahni




III – Anshika Jindal



Canvas Painting

I – Riya Saini





II – Pratham Gupta

       Jyeshtha K




III – Manushi Goel

       Prakhar Trivedi

Seth Anandram Jaipuria




Pencil/pen Sketching

I – Samiksha Saxena

Cambridge Indirapuram



II – Akshaya Adlakha

Bal Bharti  School



III – Manvi Sharma



Water Colour Painting

I – Devjeet Ray

Cambridge Indirapuram



II – Bishakha Gagroo




III – Aditya PRatap



Clay Sculpture

I – Navya Agarwal

     Shryata Nigam

Cambridge School Indirapuram




II – Preeti Ojha





III– Lakshit Raj Gaur

      Ajeya Sharma



Relief Work

I – Shrishti Kohli

     Sanya Bhasin

Lotus Valley School



II – Himanshu Tyagi

       Khushi Sharma




III – Anshika Chaudhary

       Antra Goliya

Uttam School for Girls


 “Educating the mind,without educating the heart is no education at all.”  - Aristotle

DPSG has alwaysbelieved that the role of a school is not only to pursue academic excellencebut also to motivate its students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers,and productive members of the society. 

Art has always playeda dynamic role in shaping many a personalities who have courageouslyrevolutionized the creative course of mankind. Art may not have necessarily changed the world but it has been instrumentalin changing the human beings who dared to think and act differently and bringabout the much needed change in the society.

Erudite scholars like Platoand Tagore have alwaysemphasized on the importance of creative arts in theeducation as it helps to cultivate and guide students to reflect and understandtheir relationship with the world.

Keeping this in mind,we at DPSGM are organizing an Arts festival “Evolution-The Journey -,dleUo;”.The exhibition willshowcase Pen/Pencil sketch, paper patch work, canvas painting, watercolourpainting, clay sculpture, and Indian traditional event, relief work along withwork of eminent and aspiring artists. The art fest, an acme of tradition andtransitionis a way to unleash creativity and generate awareness among our younglearners.  We are enthusiastic about the Artfestival as it is our earnest attempt at creating avenues for artists who havenot only attained acclaim in the field but also for those who yearn to beacknowledged as creative geniuses.

Your eclectic presence will not onlyenthuse the artists but also give them the support that they rightly deserve. Itgives me immense pleasure to invite you to theArt Exhibition on May 6, 2017,5p.m. onwards in the school premises and become an intrinsic part of thiscreative experience. 

We look forward to your positiveconfirmation for our invitation to this special event.


Event: Workshop

The formative years of education underpin development of abilities and multiple intelligences. With a view to provide a foundation platform for young learners to express interest in art as an intrinsic medium of expression, DPSG is organizing a workshop on Arts on  various aspects of clay sculpture, relief work and water colouring on May 6, 2017 from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm in the school premises. The workshop will be a collaborative learning space wherein teachers and resource persons will together learn and appreciate the beauty of art forms besides showcasing their creations. You are requested to send your confirmation along with the names of the participants and the teachers who are interested in attending the workshop.

Profile of Workshop Leaders

Prashant Jha

He is an exciting young talent. Despite being in his mid-twenties, he has already had successful solo shows in London and New York.

In this latest selection of works from his Outdoor Series, Prashant continues to work in his favoured materials of oil pastels and charcoal on canvas as they give him the freedom he desires to capture the spirited atmosphere of the architecture around him.

Sanjay Sarkar

Master of Fine Arts from Ravindra Bharti University in 2004, he has carved a niche for himself in water colour painting and illustrations. He has been recognized for his artistic skills through various awards and has participated in various Indian and International exhibitions.

Ranjana Verma

Born in Bijnor, She was grown up as a literature lover and later got attracted towards art, in her early twenties. She is in genuinely a self- taught artist and her cross cultural influences are reflected in her art work.  She specializes in Oil painting and clay modelling. Her exquisite art work has been acclaimed in various exhibitions across India and few of them have also found homes internationally. Presently she is pursuing her passion as a sculpture teacher at Delhi Public School Ghaziabad.


Skating Championship