Regal Rostrum

The Literary Club, Regal Rostrum of Delhi Public School Ghaziabad was established with the aim of honing speaking, reading and writing skills of students. Various literary activities like debates, discussions, declamations, dramatization, character enactments, talk show are held throughout the academic year which helps to improve the skill of self-expression in pupils. They develop confidence in spoken skills and are able to organize their ideas in an effective manner.

The Club also aims at fostering the habit of reading among the students. Students from Classes VII to X are the members of the club. They participate in many activities which encourage them to read the most popular books thereby getting an opportunity to utilize their time effectively, thus, raising their level of knowledge.

Participation in all these activities help the students to enrich their vocabulary  as well as improve their pronunciation and voice modulation. They are also encouraged to write book reviews, poems, advertisements, script plays, radio shows, ad-jingles, reports, articles for school magazine etc. Students are made to understand the purpose of different genres so that they can select the genre best suited to their writing task.