Brown University

Brown University, Rhode Island, USA, for their Pre-College Summer Program called Summer@Brown at the Leadership Institute.

Offering placements for 10 candidates for a 2-week summer Leadership Course at Brown University from 26th June to 8th July, 2016.

Four deserving students will be offered a 50% scholarship on the tuition, board and lodging but will need to pay their own return air fare, insurance and visa fees

Two students will be compensated their airfare by tGELF but will need to pay their own program fee

They will recommend another 4 students who will need to finance themselves for the entire Summer Program.

Leadership courses at Brown University are aimed at High School students to study complex global issues, develop public speaking, problem solving, and teamwork skills to make a difference in their communities and the world. The issues to be addressed in these courses will be global challenges ranging from global health, environmental destruction, wars, poverty, global security and human right abuse.

The cost for the Summer Program is USD 4086 which is inclusive of tuition, board and lodging but exclusive of airfare, medical insurance and visa fees.

We invite you to recommend students from your institution to apply for the Brown Summer Program. Please find attached the application form which needs to be completed and returned to our office. The students will be selected on the basis of scholastic and co-scholastic achievements, the essay as well as either a personal or telephonic interview. Selected candidates will then be informed about the final application process.

Entry requirements: Students of Grades 10 to 12 with academic excellence, intellectual curiosity and a readiness to participate in an independent academic and active environment are encouraged to apply.

Last date for application to be sent to tGELF: 15th February, 2016

Engineering Summer School

Registrations for Engineering Summer School at Curtin University*, Australia is now OPEN

The Curtin University Engineering Summer Program of July 2016 is a unique one focussed on Engineering, Technology and Science. 

Touching on subjects such as Cyber Security, Astronomy, Chemicals, Materials, Manufacturing and Electronics and more, this one week program is packed with practical workshops and real-life experiment opportunities for students.

The experience will help a student receive a practical understanding of the various aspects of Engineering discipline and will better prepare them to shortlist their Engineering courses within Universities of choice. The program will connect students to the exciting world of science and technology and nurture their knowledge and skills in the area.

This unique and engaging program is specifically designed for Indian students of Grade 11 and 12 and made available to students at anaffordable cost.

Queensland College of Art

Queensland College of Art, Griffith University offers a unique opportunity for select students interested in the craft of movie making or merely inspired by the motion picture industry to engage with world-class faculty, access cutting-edge technology and collaborate with experts to gain practical insights into the process of film making.

The Griffith University Film School Study Tour is a week long course in June 2016, that gives students the skills to make and star in their own ten-minute action movie. Working with academics from one of Australia’s oldest art and design colleges, the immersion program will cover the technical and theoretical aspects of film. 

Students will hear from experts, watch screenings from some of the most talented up and coming students, and visit one of Australia’s most important film making lots (and the set of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film) Warner Bros. Movie World. 

No film making experience is necessary to enrol in this program!

Griffith Film School is part of the oldest art school in Australia: The Queensland College of Art (QCA). Its students regularly show at the Cannes film festival, and its art and design subjects are ranked among the top 100 in the world. The Griffith Film School operates in purpose-built premises at the South Bank campus and QCA Gold Coast is a flourishing hub of creativity. Together, this is a thriving community of artists, designers, animators, photographers and filmmakers, shaping both local and international art and design culture
Griffith University is one of the world’s top 100 universities under the age of 50 and ranked among the top 5% of universities worldwide

Please find attached a info poster and detailed information brochure on the program including details on accommodation.

Students interested in this program or keen to receive further details can complete this form-

AFS Short Term Programs 2016

S.No Country Program Description Program Dates Program Fee (Approx) Student's Age Application Deadline Spots Available
1  Australia Intensive Program-The program is for the students wanting to experience the Australian culture and wanting to improve their English. Participants will be staying in a host family and will have the opportunity to establish lifelong relationships, learn about Australian way of life and their culture plus the benefits of improving their English. July 15th – Sep 9th 2016 Approx Rs. 1,91000+Airfare+Visa Fee Between 15 to 17.9 years Feb 15th  2016 2
2 Australia School & Homestay Program in Keith, South Australia- Participants will be hosted with local families and have school based experience (in English language), combined with local historical, cultural and community based activities to get an appreciation of Australian way of life. All students will be placed in one school in Keith area July/August Approx Rs. 183000+Airfare+Visa Fee Between 15-16 years Feb 15th 2016 5
3 Argentina School Program (Basic Spanish Required)-This program fosters the development of personal, linguistic and intercultural skills.  The program will focus on Intercultural competence, Confidence building activities, Personal growth, Team building activities, Cultural awareness. Participants will be placed with local families. June 17th- Aug 17th 2016 Approx Rs. 241000+Airfare+Visa Fee Between 15-18 years March 30th 2016 2
4 Brazil Amazon High School-Participants get to experiencethe real Amazon life which includes forest expedition, 5 nights on an Amazon regional boats and visits to native tribes to experience their daily life. July 15th  – July 25th 2016 Approx Rs.163000+ Airfare + Visa Between 15 to 17 years March 30th 2016 2
5 Canada Intensive English language program- Experience the Canadian culture (outings,sports,cooking lessons,cultural excursions) and improve English language July 18th 2016-Aug 15th 2016 Approx Rs. 265000 + Airfare + Visa Between 15 to 18 years March 5th 2016 2
6 Canada Intensive French language program-Learn French and experience the Canadian culture June 25th 2015-23rd July 2016 Approx Rs 279000+ Airfare + Visa Between 15 to 18 years March 5th 2016 2
7 China Homestay & School Program:The participant gets a chance to attend the local school and learn history and culture of China and also stay in a typical Chinese Host family. Basic Language Learning is also a part of the program.  July 16th – Aug 15th 2016 Approx Rs. 1,91,000+ Airfare+Visa Between 15 to 19 years March 15th 2016 2
8 Costa Rica High School + Bus Trip Intensive Program-The international students will attend regular classes with local classmates.The recreational Bus Trip with the group of international students and AFS chaperons (five days). The students will travel to the Arenal Volcano region  and go to a beach resort in the Pacific coast to relax and enjoy the beach. July/August Approx Rs.1,70000 + Airfare + Visa  Between 15 to 18 years March 30th 2016  2
9 Costa Rica Spanish Language and High School Intensive Program- The first part is the language course (two weeks), where students will be placed  in a local language school located in a rural farm, with a very interesting view on conservation and environmental sustainability. The students will be living in the farm (in shared students’ residences - rustic, as may be expected in a tropical farm) and taking language lessons in small groups, according to their Spanish proficiency level. The second part is the homestay and high-school. June 30th 2015-Aug 12th 2015 Approx Rs.195000 +Airfare + Visa Fee Birthday of participant from 1996-07-01 to 2000-06-01 April 30th 2016 2
10 Denmark Intensive school program at Ranum Efterskole- The students will spend 1 month at this school learning languages (English and Danish), exploring cultural differences in a dynamic and socially developing environment and enjoying in- depth leisure activities, such as music, sports, dance etc.     Jan 7th – Feb 4th 2016 July 2nd – July 30th 2016
Oct 1st – Oct 29th 2016
Approx Rs.203205 + Airfare + Visa  Between 15 to 18 years November15th onwards 5 each cycle
11 Egypt Short Term Language Program (Arabic Learning)   - The participants will be given Arabic lessons and will stay in a host family. Participants must be willing to attend and actively participate in the classes and activities. Good knowledge of the English language is a must.
June 30th -  Aug 12th 2016 Approx Rs. 150000 + Airfare + Visa Birthday of participant from 1996-07-01 to 2000-06-01 April 30th 2016  
12 France School & Homestay Program - (2 years of French learning background required) The student with attend the regular school and stay with host family. Visit of Paris by bus and stop to the Eiffel Tower upon arrival is also on agenda. Dec 2nd 2016- Jan 29th 2017 To be Confirmed Between 14.6 to 17.9 years  July 2016 2
13 Germany Green Academy Program- The Academy includes project-based work on selected “green” topics, such as sustainable energy, electric cars, bio diversity, wildlife conservation and climate change. A language course to obtain basic German language skills is  included in the program. July-August 2016 Approx Rs. 212000+Airfare+ Visa Fee 15-17.5 years April 1st 2016 3
14 Germany A. Stem Summer Session in Beifield                                          B. Stem Summer Session in Braunschweig                                      The program offers lab time on STEM subjects (e.g.: Robotics; Regenerative fuel cells and Construction of bridges), visits to companies who work in STEM. There will be excursions to Cologne and Berlin as well as free time activities like geo caching and swimming. The students will live in a group accommodation with full catering. Camp counselors will be with the group full time. 23rd July-7th Aug 2016 Approx Rs.250000+Airfare+Visa Cost 14-17 years April 1st 2016 4
15 Germany Elbe Green Summer Session-The program contains workshop and excursion program around sustainability topics and recourse perception such as beaver observations, geo caching, determining the water quality of the Elbe, prepare meals from regional self harvested food how fragile ecosystems are and how to protect them. A striking leisure program as well as city trips to e.g. Berlin are part of the program. 23rd July-7th Aug 2016 Approx Rs.250000+Airfare+Visa Cost 14-17 years April 1st 2016 2
16 Germany Reciprocal Program- The partcipants will get a chance to be on the program and also host a German Student. It's a homestay and study program where the partcipants will stay in the host family and attend the school as their host siblings Sending Dates:15th April- 11th June  2016                                     Hosting Dates:14th July- 7th September 2016 Approx Rs. 45360+Airfare+  Visa Cost 15- 17 years Januaray 15th 2016 10
17 Ghana Team Mission Program- is  about the culture of Ghana.Program includes a home stay, community service opportunity in children’s home or in a community and cultural excursions. Excursions include visits in Accra to Kwame Nkrumah
Mausoleum, excursions to Cape Coast Castles and Kakum National Park.
June 30th  – July 31st 2016 Approx Rs. 243000+ Airfare + Visa cost Between 15 to 18 years April 30th 2016 Flexible
18 Hungary Homestay and Hungary trip-Experience the Hungarian culture,family structure&culture and also an insight into the Hungarian educational system May 2nd- June 1st 2016 Approx Rs. 149000/- + Airfare + Visa cost  Birthday of participant from 2000-01-01 to 1997-01-01 Feb 25th 2016 25
19 Italy Culture Studies&Home Stay- During the first week, students will have a full program of activities focused on Italian traditions in music, cusine,  art and culture. Various excursions to well-known Tuscany towns.Further on, the participants will travel to Carrara to their host families where they will join them in all their normal everyday life and activities and attend the 3 week art course.
June 26th -July 31st 2016 Approx                Rs.221000+Airfare+  Visa Fee Birthday of participant from  July 1st 1998- April 1 2001 April 1st 2016 5
20 Italy Homestay Program- During the first week, students will have a full program of activities focused on Italian traditions in music, cusine,  art and culture. Various excursions to well-known Tuscany towns.Further on,the participants will travel to their host families where they will join them in all their normal everyday life and activities.
June 26th -July 31st 2016 Approx 185000+Airfare+ Visa Fee Birthday of participant from  July 1st 1998- April 1 2001 April 1st 2016 10
21 Japan Short Term Language Program (Japanese Language)- Students will be placed with the families in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Sapporo or their vicinity, and they will attend the Japanese Language course in the private language institution or high school from Monday to Friday. Students with Japanese learning are preferable. June 29th – July 31st 2016 Approx 242000+Airfare+  Visa Fee Birthday of participant from  July 1st 1998- June 30th 2001 March 31st 2016 3
22 Malaysia  School Based Intensive Program -This is a school based program. Students will get the opportunity to pick up the Malay Language and some local dialects in everyday interaction and communication. All the participants will stay with the host families. July 29th 2016 – Sept 23rd 2016 To be Confirmed 15-17.6 years February 15th 2016  
23 Paraguay Intensive Soccer Program- Experience the rich bilingual Paraguayan culture and also work on  football skills June 26th 2016 – Aug 11th 2016 Approx. 156000/- + Airfare + Visa cost Between 15.3 to 18 years March 30th 2016 3
24 Paraguay Intensive Spanish Language Program- Opportunity to learn /improvethe Spanish language and experience its rich bilingual culture June 26th 2016 – Aug 11th 2016 Approx. 153000/- + Airfare + Visa cost Betweeen 15.3 to 18 years March  30th 2016 2
25 Spain Intercultural Summer Camp-Development of personal,linguistic and intercultural skills July 2nd 2016 – July 31st 2016 Approx Rs.265451+Airfare+Visa Fee Between 14 to 17.11 years April 30th2016 15
26 Thailand Intensive School and Homestay Program-Students will attend regular school and attend classes. Participants will have a first hand experience of Thai Culture by staying with the host family. Informal language lessons at arrival orientation, individual lessons given by teachers at host school.     July 6th – Aug 6th 2016 Rs.1,56186 + Airfare +                              Visa Between 14.9 to 17.11 years    April 15th 2016 2
27 Russia Space Program- Partcipant will get an opportunity to visit  Zvezdny Gorodok- Star City where cosmonauts live and work
(meeting a real astronaut/cosmonaut, seeing the inside of a spaceship, trying space outfit and food, trying space training program)
2 weeks between Sept-October Approx.Rs. 200964+Airfare+ VisaCost Between 15- 17 years April 15th 2016 Group Of 8 Minimum
28 Washington DC, USA Cultural Enrichment Program in USA covering topics like contemporary issues, history, civics, art, music etc.It also inculdes trips and excusrsion. June 26th-July 27th 2016 &  July 25th - 20th Aug 2016                                                             Approx Rs. 346000 + Airfare+ Visa Between 14-18 years April 10th 2016 8
29 SanDiego, USA Cultural Enrichment Program in USA focusing on education, cultural activities, excursion. 17th July-13th Aug 2016 Approx Rs. 369000+ Airfare + Visa Between 15-18 years April 10th 2016 5
30 UK Intercultural Summer Camp-The camp is packed with language lessons, workshops, sports,leisure activities and day-trips with a strong intercultural learning core. Participants will have the opportunity to experience living and learning in an international community.
July 17th- July 29th  2016 Approx Rs. 2,18340+  Airfare + Visa Between 13-16 years Feb 1st 2016 2

Life Empowerment Award 2014-15.

On 31 October 2015,Expressions India hosted The LIFE EMPOWERMENT AWARDS FOR SCHOOLS, fifty one schools from all over the country participated in the event. The occasion was graced by former C.B.S.E head Mr.Vineet Joshi ,and famous media personality Mr.Rajat Kapoor of  Aap ki Adalat. Delhi public school Ghaziabad  got the proud privilege and was awarded for two categories Inclusive Education in schools and also for Counselling services in schools.


Students of Sr .Secondary Wing attended a counselling session by BENNETT UNIVERSITY-A Times Group Initiative, University will begin with programs in Engineering(B.Tech)and Management (M.B.A)from July 2016,Over the next few years ,Bennett will have a comprehensive offering of undergraduate ,post-graduate and PhD programs across Engineering, Liberal Arts, Media ,Law, Design, Architecture, and Applied Sciences.

The session was made very interesting by focussing on critical reasoning, session was made interactive and prizes were distributed to the winners, student were given in depth information about the University along with making reflect on future demands of the workforce.


On 18 August 15 Sr.Secondry wing conducted a career counselling session for students of class 11th and 12th by UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS, is one of top 100 world universities and one of the Oldest traditional university of U.K. The university is a founding member of the Russell Group of research –intensive universities, the N8 group for research collaboration, the Worldwide Universities Network.

SESSION BY-Middlesex University from London.

On 20 July 2015, Establishment Education Services conducted a workshop for students of Sr.Secondry Wing .Middlesex University from London was invited to come and interact with the students. Establishment Education Services also provide a sneak preview of other country options as well. They talked about Australia, which is very good for courses in business, engineering, I.T, etc. IELTS is required also a 2 year work permit is allowed.


Sr.Secondary Wing organised a session for classX1 by UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE, KNOCXVILLE. It is major public research University in the South eastern United states, and is among the top International and American national public university. University offers more than 170 undergraduate academic majors and 79 masters programs .TOEFL needs to be cleared where native language is not English. Online application can be submitted at



On 2 Sept 2015 students of class X,X1 and X11 attended a career counselling session on Law and IPM as a career .The session was anchored by Mr.Yuvraj Vyas. Legal Content Creator LA Faculty CL-Educate, alumni of NALSAR ,Hyderabad. Mr.Gautam Bawa MBA and IPM Product Head and Innovation Head ,CL Educate .Alumni IIM Calcutta.

The session focused on Law as a career Option and different colleges in India giving such programmes like NLU -Delhi takes its own Exam like AILET,MNLU- Mumbai takes MNLUAT Exam, Symbiosis Law School Pune -SET Exam, also Jindal global School takes ALSET .Law is an upcoming career option ,Students can work in Foreign Law firms ,Domestic Law Firms ,Corporate Houses, Litigation and clerking. Cpo and others .Students were informed about the pattern of question paper for CLAT.


PEER EDUCATORS of Sr.Secondry wing took a session for students of classes 7 on SUBSTANCE ABUSE. Peer Educators tried to understand the current scenario of the classes and then told students about harmful impact of Substance Abuse what all encompasses substance Abuse.

Peer Educators also identified that Substance Abuse has a high Correlation with Bullying. Students were told how they can seek help and not come under the influence of bullies and succumb themselves to Peer Pressure. Refusal techniques were discussed with the student